It is now official! Desi girl Priyanka Chopra has been crowned as Hollywood’s ‘New Royals’, by W Magazine. According to the publication, today, royalty is not a birthright but it is achieved. Through creativity, greatness, and originality, one can especially if one goes about one’s business with a certain sense of flair  be crowned a Royal. And there is no doubt that our very own Priyanka fits the bill.
The actress, who is in the US shooting for the second season of her television drama ‘Quantico’, is the only Indian star to achieve this feat. Priyanka stands proudly among stars like Halle Berry, Chris Evans, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kanye West, Kit Harrington and Jodie Foster to share this ‘New Royals’ title.
Expressing her views on the team ‘Royalty’, Priyanka says, “Royalty is not something you are born into, that you are. It is a certain quality that when you walk into a room and people look. Or they just need to turn. And that is when you’re really blue-blooded.”
In a screen test video, the actress talks about winning her Miss World title, being bullied while schooling in America, her ‘appreciation’ for Hollywood heartthrob Tom Hardy, her dreams of becoming an aeronautical engineer with NASA and the women she admires.
I love strong, tough women, women who live on their own terms, women like Jennifer Lawrence, I adore her; Rihanna, just coz she’s so ‘don’t give a sh*t’, I love her, I love that about her,” she later added.
Now that Priyanka Chopra has conquered international shores, we have only one thing to say, “Long may she reign.”