Preity Zinta has been acting like a doting wife, but more so like a doting daughter-in-law. Lately the actress has been spending time with her ‘new family’ as she calls it. Recently she was spotted with her in-laws, hubby Gene and her own mother at Taj Mahal, Agra.

She shared a picture on her Instagram and Twitter accounts and captioned it as, “Wah Taj Shot outside the Taj for a movie previously but this time actually went in & was spell bound by its beauty, symmetry & history. #family #tourist #tajmahal #agra #everlastinglove #memories”

Preity wore a floral yellow top and teamed it with a hat while hubby Gene looked slightly perturbed probably because of too much heat in Agra. Rest of the family also looked happy as they posed for the picture.

Later the same day airport pictures of them arrived however minus her in-laws. This time Preity’s hubby dearest Gene could be seen taking care of Preity’s mother Nilprabha Zinta. Preity looked so happy and content that even sans any makeup she rocked a rather good appearance. May be that’s what being happily married does to you; it makes you glow like a light bulb.

Unfazed by the paparazzi, Gene Goodenough though rocked his patent straight face with no smile, no smirk, no frustration, no nothing. He although looked two shades darker than his former self, thanks to Indian summer.

Check out their pictures.