Late actor Pratyusha Banerjee’s boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh told dna on Saturday that she used to abuse drugs and alcohol, apart from being under a lot of financial stress. Singh is being questioned by the Bangur Nagar police in connection with Pratyusha’s suicide. The actor was found hanging at her residence on April 1, after which the Bangur Nagar police had booked Singh for abetment.

Singh has alleged that Pratyusha was under tremendous financial stress lately and had taken a huge amount of money as loan from banks like HDFC, Citi Bank and Kotak Mahindra. He claimed that all the money that Banerjee earned was deposited in her mother’s account, saying he had warned her of the consequences.

“Pratyusha had taken a loan of Rs7 lakh from her uncle and there was a default of Rs25 lakh of service tax, which she had to pay,” Singh said. He added: “There were pending EMIs and I used to pay the rent of the apartment in which we lived. The salary of the maid has been unpaid for sometime now and Pratyusha would not ask for money from me because of her ego.”

Speaking about why he had not rushed Pratyusha to the nearest hospital after she was found hanging in her flat, taking her to a private hospital instead, Singh said: “There are allegations that I used to torture her, abuse her, etc, but the day the incident took place, I rushed her to the best hospital around thinking that she will get better treatment there and that her life could be saved.”

He further said: “I had shared a good relationship with Pratyusha’s parents since the beginning, but now they are against me and I know that some people with vested interests are influencing them.”

Singh also alleged that Banerjee had recently taken to drugs and alcohol and they would constantly have fights about it. “She had been taking drugs and alcohol and could go out of control at times, and most of her friends know about it,” he said.