Luxury vehicle manufacturer Porsche India has partnered with the organisation ‘Women Beyond Boundaries’ (WBB) on a 20-day expedition across the Himalayas. The expedition showcased the need for women’s empowerment through mobility, as well as Porsche Cayenne’s off road capabilities.

It also raised awareness about women’s health and cancer in the most remote corners of the country. Speaking about the project, Pavan Shetty, Director of Porsche India, said: “We were absolutely delighted to partner with WBB on this unique initiative and see their activities as an essential contribution in the overall progress of women’s empowerment.”

When talking about the 4,000 km journey, over a span of 20 days, across the Himalayan terrain, expedition leader, Nidhi Tiwari said “We raised awareness about cancer and the fact that if detected at an early stage, it is curable. We also distributed leaflets and other resource material.”

The trail witnessed challenging terrains beginning from the plains of Delhi through the Pir Panjal ranges in Himachal, all the way to Nathula — the highest motorable road in the world. The team also documented mobility solutions adopted by women in these high altitude areas. The mission was to empower women with overlanding skills so that they may own public roads for greater accessibility and mobility.

Reminiscing some of her memories, Nidhi said, “The Cayenne is by far the most firm footed vehicle I have driven and believe me, I felt as if the vehicle spoke to me, the reassurance was evident. Slow, firm and an engine that matched the gait.. by the end of the expedition, the Cayenne and I had bonded in ways unimaginable. They say drivers and vehicles speak to each other. If that was true, yes…we spoke and the moment is going to be etched in my mind for years to come. Truly amazing and brilliant!”