Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah hit out at MQM indirectly as he stated that politics should not be done on issues of water and electricity. In a series of statements, the Sindh CM said that first his government completed projects and then talked about it.

“We do our work first and then inform people that we have done it,” he said. “One should not indulge in politics over issues of water and electricity,” he added.

He also said that to demand the break-up of Sindh was tantamount to demanding the break-up of Pakistan. Shah said that to indulge in politics over the issue of water was not a suitable thing to do.

Yesterday, scores of MQM protesters along with their leaders reached Karachi Press Club in protest over the shortage of water in the city. The marchers threatened to go to the CM House but called off their protest after the government conducted negotiations.

MQM leader Khawaja Izhar-ul-Hassan had warned that if water would not be provided to Karachi, the geography of Sindh would be changed.

MQM had threatened to return and protest again, if the government did not hold true to their demands and supply Karachi with an ample amount of water.