An infant had to be rescued after it was left unattended for nearly half an hour inside a hot car at a parking lot in Markham on Tuesday. York Regional Police say they responded to the scene around 6 p.m. at a Costco location near Woodbine and Highway 7.

Officers arrived to find the baby in the back seat and sprung into action by smashing the passenger side window.

“Given the fact the current temperature was 24 degrees and the vehicle was in direct sunlight, the officers used force to access the vehicle,” said Sgt. John Loughry.

Police say witnesses spotted the child inside the vehicle for at least 15 minutes before police arrived.

“So any officer that heard that call, and heard that the time was at least 15 minutes, there was an emergency response to make sure that child was ok,” Loughry said.

“We understand that the temperature inside the car in direct sunlight can climb as much as 20 degrees between 20 and 40 minutes. So there could have been a very serious consequence for that child being in there for that amount of time.”

Police say paramedics assessed the child and was given a clean bill of health. However the parents were later charged under the Child and Family Services Act for leaving the baby unattended.

Police are reminding parents and caregivers to double-check the back seat every time before leaving the vehicle.

“There’s no such thing as a quick errand and this is a reminder to all parents and caregivers, check the back seat of your vehicle, even if you are 100 per cent sure your children are with you,” said Loughry.