Acyber forensic report, sought by Hrithik Roshan and submitted to Mumbai Police, has said he did not respond to even a single mail from the hundreds sent to his genuine email address by Kangana Ranaut over a six-month period starting July 2014.

Hrithik and Kangana were last co-stars in the movie ‘Krishh 3′ in 2012, a role which he has said she essayed professionally and well. They haven’t starred together since.

In February 2016, following a television interview by Kangana referring to him as her “silly ex”, Hrithik, through his lawyer Dipesh Mehta, sought an apology from her saying she had been “propagating a false idea” since the two were “never in any personal relationship”.

Her lawyer Rizwan Siddiquee’s reply on March 1 suggested the existence of a close personal relationship between her and Hrithik and alleged that he had hacked her email account. Hrithik Roshan did not respond to any mail from the hundreds sent to his genuine email address by co-star Kangana Ranaut over a cyber crime period starting July 2014, according to a forensic report submitted to Mumbai Police.

On March 5, Hrithik had filed an FIR with the cybercrime police against an unknown person alleging that someone had communicated with Kangana as him with a fake email id The police are likely to inspect her phone and laptop on April 30 when she said she will be available.

But the forensics report that looked at all the data since the time the laptop was first used and Kangana’s emails which it cites now, appears to belie the claims of either a relationship or hacking.

The report conducted by a private cybersecurity agency had collected Hrithik’s Apple laptop and other electronic assets from Hrithik, at his request, on April 14, and run a two-day cyber forensics. It concluded that the actor never used or accessed any email id from the ’’ servers. “We found no digital footprints nor any fingerprint … The digital evidence were intact, not forged.”

It said that only images of Kangana, barring a few of related to their films, were “the ones sent as attachments to him on email … directly from her iPhone 5s…to be in a relationship of sorts …” and significantly added, “it is analysed that Hrithik Roshan did not entertain the emails nor accessed them until recently for forensics analysis.”

Many were retrieved, unread, from a junk folder or flagged as spam. “There is no digital evidence to the claims from Kangana that she had been receiving emails from Hrithik through the account,” said the report.