The Washington County coroner identified the victim as 22-year-old Robert Kramer Jr.

A news release stated that Kramer was at a family picnic, when he and the suspect got into an argument.

“They were drinking, they were drunk,” said Dana, whose 10-year-old daughter witnessed the murder. “It was over a set of key. Somebody wouldn’t give somebody their set of keys and this is what happened.”

Witnesses say Kramer was shot in the chest with a shotgun.

Police took 28-year-old Joshua Moss into custody at the scene. He was taken to the Washington County Jail and will be charged with homicide.

“This is my children’s uncle,” said Dana. “The shooter, he’s the uncle.”

Dana went on to say that the two were at a family member’s house in Westland.

“They tend to hang out together on the back porch, they started drinking too much and he shot him,” she said.

Two men and the victim’s mother were taken to the hospital for stress-related conditions.

State Police are investigating the murder.