Bangladesh Police on Saturday claimed that Golam Faizullah Fahim (19), who was caught by the locals during attempted murder of a Hindu college teacher in western Madaripur, was killed in a “shootout” early on Saturday during a raid to bust a militants’ hideout.

Fahim, suspected to be a member of the banned militant group Hizb-ut Tahrir, was on a 10-day remand in connection with the attempted murder.

Ripan Chakraborty, a lecturer at Government Nazimuddin College, was critically injured following an attack eariler in the week. Fahim was caught by the locals on Wednesday and handed over to the police.

On Saturday, police said they came under fire as they moved with Fahim to arrest other suspects. “Miscreants fired at the police van as we came near a jute farm. A gunfight ensued. After the gunfight we saw Fahim was shot and wounded. He died after we brought him to a hospital,” said Sarwar Hossain, police chief of Madaripur.