A Reddit user has found a way to cheat on Pokémon GO, and has reached level 40 – the first person in the world who has claimed get here. Reddit user “_problemz” who plays as “ra1ndr0pz” on the game has shared screen shots of his smartphone, displaying his unique feat in the game. If you are a big time Pokémon Go player, you probably know how difficult it is to level up once you reach level 20. The experience points required to go from level 19 to 20 is 25,000 experience points, and to go from level 20 to 21 is 50,000. All succeeding levels then have a highly difficulty curve with the required experience points increasing dramatically.

Pokémon GO user, ra1ndr0pz, claims to have used the cheat out of curiosity. He wanted to discover the level on which the game will stop progressing. The user clearly states that he used a bot to reach level 40, but did not share details about the bot itself. He claims that the game required 5 million experience points to reach level 40, and a total of 20 million points.
“I don’t play this game – i just wanted to see how far i can push with the given Tools. And i learned so much out of this. I am going to write Niantic to delete my Account. Please don’t ask me for Data or to buy it,” _problemz noted in his reddit post.
Using the bot ra1ndr0pz claimed to earn 2,80,000 experience points per hour on average. He claimed to have used 131 eggs (bought in-app) to double his experience points as well.
Recently, New Yorker Nick Johnson said that he had caught 142 unique pokémons, after travelling a total of 95 miles (~153 kms) since the game was released. He reached level 31, and lost 4.5kg in the process.
Pokémon GO has now crossed 75 million downloads on Android and iOS within just 22 days of launch. The game is yet to launch globally, including India.