If you have been playing Pokémon GO like us, we are sure that you are tired of finding Pidgeys, Zubats and Rattatas everywhere. So where are all the other Pokémons – the rare ones? Well, there is an app that will help you find just that.Pokémon GO has consumed people of all ages and has been the top trending topic for some time now. At one point the augmented reality game had more searches on Google than internet pornography – now, that is rare. People are flooding the streets trying to catch ’em all, but the good Pokémons are always a step ahead. No more, thanks to apps like Pokémapper, PoGOMaps and Poké Radar!Poké Radar is a free app for iOS that shows all the Pokémon’s that other players have geo-tagged. You can add the location of the Pokémons you find as well. This app, however, doesn’t show gyms and Pokéstops.Pokémon Go Maps Pro for iOS will show you the location of rare Pokémons, gyms and Pokéstops. The app is made by JK2Designs and is available for Rs 120.Apps like PoGoMaps and Pokémap: Map for Pokémon GO are available on the Google Play store for free, and will help you find rare Pokémons, gyms and PokéstopsHowever, before you use any of these apps, you need to understand that these maps are probably not updated frequently. It is also too early to say which app is the best to find the little virtual creatures.Using Poke Radar on our iPhone, we were able to find a lot of powerful and rare Pokémons around. We will finally grab ourselves a Pikachu!