Even if you had been hiding under a rock for the last couple of weeks, there is a great chance that a Pokemon Go player would have come to you seeking an Onix. The game has unfolded unlike any app that was ever launched for mobile platforms and Apple has now confirmed that it was downloaded more times than any other app on iOS in its first week. According to a report by Polygon, the Cupertino-based company has confirmed that the location-based augmented-reality game has indeed broken the record. However, the company has not shared exact figures for the number of times it has been downloaded from the App Store. On Friday, the game was launched officially in Japan, which joined the list of nations including the US, Australia, Canada, and several European nations. The game has been such a hit that it doubled the market value of Nintendo’s stock, the company associated with the game’s development. However, the company’s shares sank around 17 percent on Friday as the company gave out a press release that said that said that the financial impact of the game would be fairly limited. This is primarily due to the fact that Nintendo has a limited stake in the game and has been developed primarily by US-based software company Niantic. Although there has been no word from Google Play’s side but it would not come as a surprise if the app achieves similar milestone on Google’s mobile platform too as it has cruised its way to the top of app charts since the day of its release in respective stores.