If traveling by plane is always exciting to be part of the Airbus A380 can be memorable journey. Facilities of this plane is such that any top class five-star hotel can beat. Etihad Airways plane, which is more than Rs 25 lakh from Mumbai to New York’s rent. With this ticket you will find private luxury suite. The three-room cabin is private, the residence is first class. The large bedrooms, shower room and lounge area is. The whole world’s largest passenger airline also given a personal butler …
Airbus A380 double-decker is the world’s largest passenger airline. The economy and business class seats are also available. Economy and business class on the first floor and sit on the top floor residence ticket holder. LCD TV at every seat in economy class are engaged. Business Class if you make a reservation on board cafes, boutiques and award-winning wines will cuisines.
You can relax in the lobby
The hotel lobby has been a plane. Sit and talk with friends, which can kill the rest. For meetings and events, it is also Sutebl Place. First Class seat can convert into beds. A double bed, Lgjriys toilets, including 27-inch flat-screen TV facilities.