The lead pairs Eisha Singh (Rani Gayatri Singh) and Sartaj Gill (Raja Rajveer Singh) from serial ‘Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani’ has become hot favorites for many. Very soon, this lovely pair will be seen dancing on the Navratri tunes. However, there will be lot of drama and suspense folded in this special episode.
A close source informs, “Kaal has offered Raani to stand up in the elections but she refuses. In the Navratri Pooja that happens in mahal someone attacks Raani but Kaal saves her and takes the bullet. After this incident, Raani makes up her mind and decides to stand up for the elections. On the other hand, Raja gets to know that it was Kaal who had planted this shoot and it was his strategy to take the bullet just to make Rani feel that he is a better and a changed man now. Raani does not believe this and later raja proves it to all that Kaal was the master mind behind this attack.”