Internet sensation and Model by profession, Qandeel Baloch has again broke the internet as she posted selfies of herself with Mufti
Abdul Qavi!
In one of the pictures, Qandeel is posing with the Mufti Qavi’s signature hat!
While in the another picture Qavi is seen talking to someone on the cell phone! There is one more picture in which both are posing
while sitting!
When qandeel was asked about it she said tha Qavi had invited her to meet in the hotel. She also added that the religious scholar had
publicly professed his likeness for her!
On the another side, when Qavi was asked about the matter, he said that Qandeel was like a daughter to him and he was just trying to
bring her on right path! He also added that he met Qandeel on her insistence and she has promised me that not only she will fast
during Ramzan, she will also offer her prayers regularly!

Well, we just can’t figure out who was so interested to meet whom? Qandeel or Qavi?