22-year-old New York City resident Jane shelter are very popular on social networking sites. Their popularity can be gauged from the fact that Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and other sports stars are too far behind them in terms of followers. About 1 million people to follow them on Instagram. Photos are uploaded in different poses …
Jane shot photos posted on social sites are different. Yoga workouts while sometimes they were never on Instagram photo and video upload sites. These photos look normal, but quite attractive figure because people prefer their photos. She says that of course I am still single, but my workouts to upload photos is the same motive that people fit.
Jane said I do not want people to see photos of my face, because I do not like pictures of your face. For this reason I would like to upload as many photos of the figure. I figure my followers prefer to see more of my face. Please tell Jane just follow on Instagram 97 million people who Serena Williams (40 million), Maria Sharapova (20 million), Kareena Kapoor (about 4 million), Sonam Kapoor (67 million), Shah Rukh Khan ( 29 million) is more than.
Offers received after the popularity of modeling
Jane was joined Instagram in March 2012, his followers were 3 million. Since then, companies like the Nike ad film offers started coming. Currently, in addition to college they are ed film.