A sea facing Galaxy Apartments in Bandra, Mumbai, which is always surrounded by fans is nothing close to Salman Khan’s on screen house in his upcoming film Sultan. While his real home is rather glamorous, his house in the Ali Abbas Zafar directorial is rather old, dusty and rustic.
The ground plus one storey structure is created in Film City, Mumbai, where a Haryana village named Buroli is recreated in the studio for the shooting of the film.
Shedding more light on Salman’s house, Rajnish Hedao, Production Designer, of the YRF project, says, “There’s a living room, a kitchen, a courtyard and one room on the ground floor. On the upper floor there is a room, an open air bathroom and a terrace where Sultan does his training for the wrestling.” The backyard also has a cow shed where one can see real cows and buffalos staying in there.
The interesting aspect of the house is that it also has a jaggery making set up. “The idea came up when the team was
location scouting in Uttar Pradesh. They saw these huge furnaces where people would boil fresh sugarcane juice by
manually stirring it. This is the process involved in jaggery making. We thought of incorporating the set up in Salman’s house. As Sultan he would be seen stirring the thick sugarcane juice in order to build his biceps,” says Hedao. He further says that to make it all look real, truck loads of sugarcanes would arrive at Film City. And real juice would be added in the three furnaces (pictures in slides ahead) put up at Sultan’s house where the actor would give his shot stirring the real boiling hot mixture.
Here’s looking at a few pictures of Salman’s house in Sultan which is a part of the set which spreads three acres in Film City. Click to see more pictures…