Controversies surrounding self-proclaimed godwoman Radhe Maa seem not to be ending anytime soon. Recently, her former close aid Manmohan Gupta filed a criminal intimidation case against her at Borivali Police station.The woman, who used to ask her followers not to run behind materialistic things, has herself amassed a huge amount of wealth and lives a luxurious lifestyle.She owns a bungalow worth Rs. 250 crore in Mumbai’s Chikuwadi area. Apart from this, she has a fleet of luxurious cars including Mercedes, Jaguar, Fortuner and Honda City.Although Radhe Maa claims that she lives in houses of her devotees, some reports suggest she has amassed properties worth Rs. 1000 crore.Radhe Maa, who has studied till class 10, is believed to be an incarnation of Goddess Durga by her devotes. Her style of blessing devotees is apparently to dance with them and have them lift and carry her.However, an obscenity case was filed against her and the complaint says that she allows her followers to kiss her.Born in Punjab’s Gurdaspur district to a government officer as Sukhvinder Kaur, she moved to Mumbai few years after her husband left India for better job prospects.Her website claims that she gave up ‘worldly life’ after that incident. Despite this, she continued to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Here we are going to show you photos of her sprawling bungalows and high-end cars.