Actor Ali Asgar who played the character of ‘Dadi’ in Comedy Nights With Kapil is back as blind ‘Nani’ in The Kapil Sharma Show. In the show, ‘Nani’ claims that she is blind because Dr Mashoor Gulati played by Sunil Grover, has done the cataract operation wrong because of which she can only see 10 percent now.

But what made Ali Asgar to be back in the character of a woman? “It was audience demand to see me as a woman and not my decision. Honestly, you cannot experiment much when a man turns into a woman on the screen. There’s a limitation to your acts and similarly, I am facing this too. But thanks to my writer, he is trying to put all his creativity into my character”, Ali Asgar said to

Shedding more lights on the making of ‘Nani’, Ali adds, “There’s lot of hard work behind Nani’s role because we have to take care that on the acts being not repeated. Also, audiences shouldn’t get bored. As it was audience demand to see me in a female character; the makers have taken a chance to go ahead with it. And now, I am just waiting for audience reaction after the first episode.”

On the set, Ali takes almost 30-35 minutes to get into his ‘Nani’ character. It takes only 15 minutes for the makeup, but the hairdo takes pretty much time.

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