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There are many Manzar house in your life, and forget not forgotten the scene so bad or painful. With renowned photojournalist Kevin Carter happened. South African South Sudan in March 1993 by the photojournalist had been photoshoot. But these last photoshoot photoshoot was probably his life. South Sudan because of the painful scene made him miserable to the extent that three months later, Kevin Carter was suicide. Was extremely painful scene at the time of South Sudan …
The news appeared in the Pulitzer Prize Kevin won the first photo. After 3 months of winning the prize, he committed suicide. This photo is of a baby suffering from hunger in South Sudan. The child was on the verge of dying completely and it was following a vulture. Kevin wrote that he waited 20 minutes to fly from there to the vulture and the photograph he clicked off when she does not. Kevin has not only these but also many painful Award-winning photographs clicked scene are captured.

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