Bucharest. Worldwide many passionate people who fulfill their hobby to go to any lengths. One such resident photographer Romania Mihaela are Norok. 3 years ago, he quit the job and women of different countries around the world to capture the beauty of your photos. So far they have been roaming the country for more than 45. Indian woman’s life has had to …
Mihaela their project “The Atlas of Beauty” that capture the photos. A few months earlier, he clicked his camera to photos of Indian women. Mihaela, said the people of religion, nation and race are fighting with each other, where they must respect. He said the world needed an atlas of beauty. They feel that their diversity and tolerance in the world these photos will Cova. Enlarge
Click the face without make-up that Mihaela
Mihaela surrounding natural environment to show face without make-up with photos of women are imprisoned. He often gets photoshoot in 30 seconds so many times it takes more than 1 hour. Mihaela Please tell them to come in 5 languages, is very good for the project. However, often due to language Anon but they have trouble communicating with your body language is easily understood thing.