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Mongolia Ulaanbaatar photographer John Feeley living of people living in the remote area of western Mongolia have shown life. John, these people picture series “The Outsider” is named. In it, he lives in the midst of misery and lack of facilities in the heart of the Mongolian People’s showed the photographer …
John Feeley said that I wanted to capture Mongolia’s traditional culture. So I chose a city and set out on your journey. However, I did not even know the language, but moved to form strong relationships with the people there. Perhaps this was the reason that they gave me to capture your photos.
John said that a boy was sitting somewhere smiling blanket, under the care of the animals and the people were busy elsewhere. The same way I did the photography series “The Outsider” clicked. It was really fun journey. He said that the approach that I think my life will change for people living in remote areas.