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Adam Luch Fotojrnlist nomadic people living in Poland Rokla life is captured. These people are also called Roma. The photographer said that these people are forced to live in extremely difficult circumstances, the people in tents ever, ever live a life on the streets in sometimes. Police also upset …
These people are quite cut off from the society and are struggling for survival. These people did bad things in your home to newly designed structure. But they do not have water and electricity. Photographer with the consent of the people close to the Roma people’s life is captured. Many times these people do bother outsiders, remove from the shops, the police is also disturbed.
These people have been living in nearby areas of Poland and Romania. The photographer said the people they want stability in their Jingdi, but do not have a source for it. However, people still hope that will help them and they will be able to live a better life. These people are dreaming of a better future for their children and are requested to send them to school.