With an increase in population in the world, day-to-day getting hit earth, spreading its awareness value St. Soldier Divine Public School in the city of “global surface Population Day” was celebrated on the guidelines of the principal Mrs. Ahuja kanwaljeet students Harleen Kaur, Prbmehr, Jasmeet, Jaskaran, Nvrithu Bhagat, jubilation, joy, Rnjot, Ankush, Sneha, Hrshvir, Sumit, Maninder etc. participating growing influence of the population, such as “poverty,” crowd “,” social effects “,” Crime effects “etc. informed.

On this occasion, the students of the “Birth Control on Earth Feel Pretty,” “Let’s subtract earth feast of beautiful make-natured world,” etc., to control the population by making posters urging that if the population is not controlled on the coming generations Natural objects and it would not get any additional students will have to face the worst effects by standing in front of the Earth called for maintaining her beauty. Principal Mrs. Ahuja incredibly proud of the students in this work with all the students asked to pay.