Pet dog dies while fighting 4 cobras to protect owner

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Bhuvneshwar.ak dog owner family’s own life to save the lives of 8 people lost. The Doberman breed male dog who had fought up to 4 hours with 4 hill cobra snakes and killed them. But because of snakes Dnsne poison had spread to the dog’s body and he died after a few minutes of their victory Diakbart case where …
According to reports, some 400 km from Bhubaneswar Gajapatis Raigad district block that is the case. Here in the village Sabekpur Dibakar Retas were trying to enter the home of 4 snakes. Home is being protected by the dog stopped, after which fierce fighting took place between them. Spread the blood of this war was to give testimony to the courtyard. Dibakar Doberman buy a few months ago had brought. ‘I am surprised … she gave me and my family for the greatest sacrifice. I shall remember it until the last breath. Dibakar passionate prayer for the peace of his soul to God.

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