West Australian police have released new images of how they believe a Perth murder victim may have looked before her body was found inside a suitcase floating close to the surface of the Swan River in Perth in July.

Police are working with Interpol to try to identify the woman of Asian appearance who weighed around 59kg and had tattooed eyebrows.

Clues include a razor scooter with a bread board attached, which police suspect was used to take the suitcase with the woman’s body in it to the river’s edge in Fremantle a short drive south of the centre of Perth.

Major Crime Squad Detective Senior Sergeant Tom Mills said the woman – aged between 30 and 50 – may have been born in Australia but lost contact with family, or her closest relatives may no longer be alive.

Or she may have arrived recently in Australia.

The new images show the woman with different hair colours and styles because an autopsy found there was red, brown and blond among the longish strands of hair on her head.

She had been dead for between 24 and 60 hours when a young fisherman spotted the suitcase containing her body. An attempt had been made to weigh it down with distinctive tiles with a floral pattern on them.

Detective senior sergeant Mills, a police officer for 34 years, said he had never been involved in a case in which the identity of a recently-deceased person remained a mystery for this period of time.

“We haven’t been able to identify her through fingerprints or DNA – it’s really, really unusual,” he said.

“You may not know this woman’s name but she may look familiar. If she does, we urge you to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or by visitingcrimestopperswa.com.au”.