A 39-year old photographer turned perfumer Monika Ghurde was found dead at her flat in Sangolda village on Thursday night. The police who launched a murder probe said that the suspect had disrobed the victim and tied her inside the rented apartment. “We are also probing if the victim is sexually assaulted and if any possessions in the house were stolen,” the police officials said.
“On Thursday morning, victim’s brother (unnamed) repeatedly tried to contact her over the phone, however there was no response. Subsequently, he contacted a foreign resident who stayed in the same flat to check on Monika. But the neighbour found the entry door open and discovered Monika’s dead body with her hands and legs bound to the bed”, Inspector Rajesh Kumar said.
Police have revealed that some marks were found around the victims neck and that the incident might have taken place on Wednesday or in the wee hours of Thursday. However they are waiting for the postmortem report to determine the time and cause of death.
A case has been registered at Saligao police station limits, besides the neighbours – the investigators have also questioned the flat security guards for any leads.