PepsiCo Inc has just announced to reintroduce its Diet Pepsi with controversial sweetener aspartame September onwards.

Aspartame is an artificial sweetener which has been linked to cancer in studies involving rats. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved it for use in food, citing more than 100 studies saying it’s safe for humans.

So, why to bring back a controversial and artificial sweetener in Pepsi, you wonder!

Apparentely, this is what consumers want.

Gauging the shift consumers showcased towards the energy drinks or bottled water from diet beverages, PepsiCo decided to go ‘aspartame-free’ last year to push up sales. The fact that Coca-Cola Company refused to ditch aspartame from Diet Coke, PepsiCo’s move could have been a moment of triumph for the company, but ended up being a disaster.

In two ways the company suffered.

Not only did the PepsiCo lose consumers, who had apathy towards all diet drinks, they also lost the ones who liked their aspartame-added Pepsi better.

Following howls of protest from the diet soda’s devotees, the company decided to re-launch its earlier version of diet pepsi.