Nepalese living in Germany Nepal photographer has captured the life of a nomadic tribe Rute. The tribe lives in the foothills of the Himalayas and the monkey eats meat. Tribe also calls himself the King of Forest.
Photographer Ram Poudel said the tribe three days to reach the bus trip had to be hazardous. Tribe to hunt because they are also known as Hunter Gdrs. Very few people get the chance to go to the tribe finds, but the photographer learn Nepali language was mingled with them enough. He Tribe spent nearly 5 weeks.
The photographer says that these tribe’s life is changing rapidly and so on, especially the traditional elders who have the responsibility to uphold the values ​​and identity. The population of monkeys has also been significantly reduced impact on the lives of the tribe said. The photographer said the tribe’s future appears uncertain. However, a Kathmandu-based NGO working for the tribe.