Worldwide many such tribes, which still are less than a mystery. One such tribe in New Guinea to Indonesia, who is Dani Tribes. They hunt with spear and pigs are sacrificed. Photos from the Robert Pazzi captured by a photographer living in Italy, which are viral on social networking sites are only 300 people left in this tribe, live nude …
Italian photographer Robert spent a lot of time with them, I said. During this time I noticed that remain fully nude. However, his private parts are covered with the strange ways and live in houses made of bamboo. 42-year-old photographer, visited several villages to take their photos. An estimated 300 of the tribals living in the donor community. In some villages around Indonesia Belliam Valley are just three or four members.
I was in 1938, still remain secret
Photographer says children here were very keen to learn about the western world. However, here are some of the young now wear clothes. Please tell the tribe was discovered in 1938 in an aerial survey. But many secrets about them intact even after years. In what language they speak, have not been disclosed to date.