Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova the toy would be seen by all the world’s living Barbie doll. Barbie doll Valeria like myself to make the surgery as well as special food and took to the gym.
The world’s largest cruise Elisaini Silva is long-legged girl. He is 6 foot 8 inch long. See how the lover is able to come back to.
Girl tattoo – Julia is a woman of the world who Nug about 96% of your body is kept at the tattoo. Her whole body is covered with tattoos.
Blue slim waist craze every girl but the girl in Germany with the help of a special training program has become the world’s most thin waist woman. The waist may come between the two Hthelio.
Asha Mandela is the world’s most long-haired girl. Her hair is about 19 feet tall.
Usually people go to the doctor’s teeth to make your teeth are common in the US Maria Jose Kristrna yourself stand out from the ordinary people have to look scary teeth.
Kristin Walton is the world’s longest fingernails girl. Both her hands are 11 feet long nails. These will serve Nelpent how?
Jyot Mge world’s smallest woman. Its length is 2 feet 1 inch.
Big-eyed girl
Kim Goodman is the world’s largest eyed girl. 0.47 inch can grow out of his eyes.