Such bizarre traditions in different parts of the world are taken, who is surprised to hear about. Some traditions such as Chinese people living in Thailand’s Phuket play. Nine Emperor Gods Taoist All this happens during Festivll, when many Chinese to become vegetarian. These photos are disturbing …
Nine Emperor Gods Festival, which is held every year in Taoist sharp weapons entered themselves in the body parts do. Inside his mouth takes an ax, knives entered. However, some people take too many needles Chubho in your body, some people manage to put other sharp objects. Disturbing at first to see these things happen.
Resident of Canada for 55 years, said Barry Raftri Experience I Will never forget. I saw blood, I am quite surprised. Meanwhile, another Canadian tourist Julie Bedford said a few people first I will do so, but when I saw that so many people and places that are.
Drink, gambling and sex avoiding
People who took part in the festival drink, gambling and sex avoided. It is said that in 1825, an outbreak of epidemic began. So to avoid the disease and the Nine Emperor Gods they worship began accepting Vegetarian Diet. The disease was stayed. Since then, every year, the festival is celebrated.