Paris:  Marine life is unique in itself, but few people are able to experience this. However, the Paris-based company has a unique opportunity to the people living in the sea, which you can spend your time with the sharks.
Indeed, within 33 feet of the Aquarium of the people are going to get a chance to spend the night between 35 sharks. The company has launched this special competition. Participating contestants must be 18 years of age and above must also be totally healthy. This is an online contest, after which the winner will enjoy the marine life with sharks.
The museum is set in the shark, there is a special room has been built across the glass around you will see sharks circling. She behaves according to your circumstances.
Participants will have to prove themselves
Any country can participate in the contest participants. But the company that will tell them why they were chosen and what they think about the marine life. Boyle says this can be an experience that will get you ahead in life rarely.