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PHOTOS viral on social media are some of North Korea. PHOTOS considered the world’s most mysterious life of the country is shown. Today, we are going to show you the photos. Business Insider has clicked for them Hunivij Mitchell. North Korea looks like at first sight …
The photographer said the photos show that in this country, especially when it looks like. Much of North Korea’s capital Pyongyang Unhonn photos are clicked. He caught the train from China to North Korea. However, he said the Americans could not go by train to North Korea, but he has to go by flight.
Yalu River near the North Korean border with China is bound. The photographer also said that through the boat you can take this route entry into North Korea. Even if you’re not even a visa. He said that if anyone in Korea North Korea wants to leave, then it would not have any other way. Because North Korea does not give visas to its neighbor South Korea.