Have you heard of a place where people are cultivating snakes? If you have not heard to tell the people of a village in China to do so. The name of the village ‘Jisikiyao is. Fish and poultry farming in the country is, so is the Chinese farming village snake. Snakes are born each year, 30 million …
An estimated 30 million snakes are born in the village throughout the year, while the population of the village is 1,000 only. That every man in the village throughout the year at 30,000 snakes are born. Python snakes that are reared here, dangerous and poisonous snakes such as cobras and vipers are included.

Snakes are raised for meat

The village snakes as a hobby, but also for other parts of their body are reared. Please tell the snake hobby meat is eaten in China. Along with these body parts are used in traditional Chinese medicine industry. However, some people in order to increase sex power feed on the blood of snakes.

Step Five people are afraid of the snake

The villagers cobra, pythons, vipers are not afraid of snakes as dangerous, but a lot of five-step snake fear. It is said that the snake bite after your death during the walk is only five steps.