Bijing: kchin simulator called a tombstone Death created a place where people die from the funeral and to be born again can experience. Experience of people who want to die, and they are considered a fruit he died.
Funeral liturgy for understanding the suffering of the people is put in hot oven. The last person in the room shaped like a womb is passed, which means that you are born again. However, this is not a game, but is a way of telling people the importance of life. It is designed for people who are unhappy for any reason, talk and die.
Death Experience simulator vermicelli Louis, who points out that here is an opportunity to deeply understand things. Then your whole thinking will change and the people around you more than it takes to feel connected and loved. The founder of Death simulator unit Ding Rui explains that sometimes their ego and do not talk to each other because of life fade away. After this process, you realize that life is precious and even more so with people. So we should be expressing love and respect them, because after death they will not get the chance again.