In Pakistan, 30 years after independence, there was a ban on alcohol, but in 1977 the then Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto banned alcohol in the country. Night life has changed completely because of Pakistan. Now the people in the room or in the hotel just off the secret to the party with alcohol. Look at photos of other cities including Karachi Secret Night Life …
Pakistan’s city of Karachi due to crime is often in the news. But the city was famous because of the night life. Some other places including Karachi, Pakistan Today we celebrate the Secret Dikhaane are the photos of Night Life.
Non-Muslims can drink alcohol
Pakistan, according to government regulations, permits for non-Muslim religious people may be drinking. After a limited number of permits in the month they can buy alcohol. This number depends on the income of the people, but in the months and 5 bottles of 100 bottled beers are usually allowed. This is because the black market in the country is wine. It is also believed that the police do not vigorously against alcohol. According to reports, the black market so that wealthy people paying more for wine ordered directly take on his home.
According to a report by news agency AFP, the party is held in Lgjriys times, many times, the party begins at midnight, but it is private.

Facebook or on a public platform of the party information is not shared. But I guess times you will not be able to cross the street party going on in the hotel. Sometimes people tend to party in their homes and invite selected friends only.