There are many temples in India are settled between the mountains. Many of these temples in passing through dangerous paths of faith tend to see God. Taoism Temple in Shanxi Province of China saw no nerves that would dare to go there. Today we’re going to show you some photos of the temple, which is in a poor state by the good-Achcon. The temple is built on 5,460 feet …

Taoyuan Mountain in Shanxi Province of China in 1500 century, the temple was built. Guanine of the temple of the goddess is worshiped in China. The temple has been in place for less than 65 square feet. From 5,460 feet up the mountain made its way to the temple is full of dangers. A small risk of death in case of default.

The temple has been five times longer Renovet
This temple was built by Qing Dynasty King Kiaanlong. Built during the 15th century, the temple has been Renovet 5 times so far. Every year many people come to the temple, passing through dangerous paths.