Tehran: World crude oil prices falling, even upset, but Iran, the country of Azerbaijan Naftlan a health center in the city where people are bathing in a bathtub full of crude oil. It is claimed that it is far more than 70 diseases. People come from many countries …
Center experts claim that oil is beneficial for neurological and skin problem. For the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, people arriving from other countries, including Germany. Interestingly, in a world that Azerbaijan is one of the main export oil. Arthritis and skin diseases than people on the nerves have even come to healing. Crude oil is treated using different methods. But the most popular way-the bath. At a temperature of about 40 degrees to a patient in 130 liters of oil wash up.
Many people speak of the treatment of hot oil when giving feedback that they felt comfortable in bone involvement. People ahead of schedule also expressed willingness to sit for too long in oil. But more because of the different chemical bath late can affect the body, can even lead to death.
Clinic doctors say that over the years thousands of people have had the treatment. Not only that, he also claims to have had any influence upon a person. A doctor said that we as a precautionary measure a patient only once a day and that too only allow bath for 10 minutes. Bath is a 10-day course of crude oil.