Mountain valley located in southern Assam’s Dima SAP next to Hasso district Jatinga is a village, which is around 9 months in the year due to its natural state isolated from the outside world remains. But since the beginning of September, the village becomes the news headlines. This is due to the mysterious phenomenon of the suicide of birds. Knight’s entry ban …
In fact, from October to November nights here Krishnpaksh ‘bird-Hrakiri’ is an unusual incident. From seven o’clock in the evening, half past ten in the night between ten-mist could explode in the sky, the wind speed will be faster than if the bird Well not any lights. Bewildered herd them like insects seem to fall on the light source. Suicide in this race 40 species of local and migratory birds are included. It is said that even after the external migratory birds do not come back. Entry is restricted at night in the valley.
What is the truth?
Jatinga is located in The Hills of Assam Bourail. Where there is enough rain and high altitude surrounded by mountains and the clouds and the mist concentration is extremely deep. Since there is very dense and overgrown bamboo forest, deep in the mist and the dark nights they hit birds become victims of the accident. As far as the schedule is concerned, the bird tried to return to their homes at this time of the evening in such accidents are higher this time.
Animals do not commit suicide
Italy’s Antonio Preti Kagliyari University say the animal’s thought of suicide is wrong. He published about it in the last forty years, nearly a thousand reconstructed Research. Preti now come to the conclusion that the animal does not die on purpose. Animals like mice found at the poles, Lemings, fall into the abyss and go into a bunch. Scientists say they accidentally fall. There is so much pressure that Lemings population numbering in the thousands as well as a go from place to place. Many of them died during the journey is. The American expert Barbara King says that right now we have not properly understood the minds of animals. This question is difficult to answer.
How to Go -guwahati Jatinga 330 km away. Bus and train service from Guwahati to Haflong. This view you can see for yourself the family.