Noodles is a staple food from Asia but is also found around the world in many cultures. It is basically made by making a dough, rolling it out and forming it into different shapes. The dough can be made with wheat flour, rice flour etc. The most common form of noodles is the thin long thin stripes. There are other shapes available in different countries. The art of making noodles by hand is vanishing. These days they are commercially made and sold as dried noodles in packets. Noodles is usually cooked in salted boiling water till soft and then stir fried or deep fried.

Pasta is a traditional Italian food and technically is a type of noodles. Nowadays it is found all over the world. They are made with durum wheat flour. Just like noodles, pasta can be made fresh at home or can be store bought. They are also available in various shapes and sizes. While most shapes are available only in Italy and America, we do get quite a few varieties in India. Some of the commonly available ones in India include:

Macaroni Pasta (looks like bend tubes)
Fusilli Pasta (cork screw shaped)
Rotini Pasta (Helix shaped)
Farfalle Pasta (Butterfly shaped)
Spaghetti (long thin strings)
Vermicelli (thicker strings)
Linguine (flat strips)Penne (small tubes)
Sea shell shaped pasta
Lasagna (thin sheets) etc.
These days healthier variations are available that are made with whole wheat flour and also including vegetable puree like tomato, carrot and spinach. Pasta is also cooked in salted boiling water till aldente (firm to bite) and mixed up with a favorite sauce before serving. These days pasta sauces are available in jars which can be just heated and served. Some of the famous pasta sauces include Marinara sauce, Alfredo Sauce, Meat Sauce etc.

India has its own form of noodles that have been made by our ancestors. These include the famous idiyappam (also called noolputtu), the sevai or the semiya. These can be made fresh at home using the idiyappam press. These days dried form of sevai is available in stores making it to prepare many dishes easily. Semiya is available in different forms like the rice sevai, wheat semiya, ragi semiya, kambu sevai etc.

I have shared a few of the traditional home made pasta recipes as well as some recipes including Indian flavors. There are also noodles recipes made with store bought dry noodles, rice noodles and the Indian noodles like semiya and idiyappam. Try out the these healthy pasta recipes and let me know how you like them.