Tokyo: Osaka’s Fukushima Gate Tower is a building which derives from between Express Highway. It has passed through the fifth and the seventh floor. The building is 236 feet high. Ajusa Sekei prepared by architects and Ymato Nishihara. The map was drawn in 1982, but the 5-year rule had Rhakbdlne halted construction …
City Plan 1989 and its construction was made possible after a change in the law. In 1992, it was ready. The tower building located in Osaka, Japan, belong in the building of a science-fiction movie. It is the only building in the world, among which the Express Highway passes and people live above and below.
Administration pays rent
Fukushima-ku Osaka, this 16-storey building is 236 feet high, which the highway passes through the Hanshin Expressway system. Due to the use of space in the administration building owner pays the rent for three floors. The circular building has a double core construction. Building’s elevator does not stop on the highway’s three commodities.