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Beijing: Have you ever heard of an exam, where students have after drinking is done? Will not hear, but recently a professor of Chinese college students in front of such a peculiar condition. Why did this professor, Know …
Gu Ming’s name in front of the professor’s students placed a bet that if they Bejui (here you drink liquor), so he’ll have not passed the exam will not. Not only the number will be granted on the grounds that he once find how Bejui p. Gu Ming, said this professor named after the graduation, all students will be in the area of sales, they must cope with such conditions. As it is our tradition contains Bejui.
Gu Ming, stipulates that students who drink a full glass of Bejui, meet him and half to end the 100 number 90, the number 60 will be granted only to drink a sip. Indeed, the grain is made from a type Bejui the most rural parts of China is ingested. However, the professor has been suspended after the incident.