An account on Instagram, called Barbie Saviour, is a satirical take on youngsters who volunteer on service trips to African countries – and end up making it all about themselves. Barbie Saviour makes fun of the ‘white saviour’ complex, a term used for white people from developed countries who feel superior while ‘saving’ impoverished people of colour in poor countries. It shows how sometimes white westerners can completely lose the plot in situations that require sensitivity as they go about doing social work.After all, no good deed can be ”good enough” if it hasn’t been posted on social media, right?Some folks can be stupid enough to mistake urban slums for props that are apt for a photo opportunity.Because natives in exotic outfits exist for the sole purpose of getting you those likes for your Instagram shot.This is perhaps the reason why popular culture can do more harm than good when it comes to educating youngsters about other cultures.