Parineeti Chopra had always wished to have tonned and sexy body, so that she can get into her dream dresses and gowns. Now, that she has transformed into a siren, everyone wants to know her secret.
In a recent interview with Elle India, Parineeti shared how she was looking for ways to lose weight, but starving herself, eating bland food and sweating her ass off in the gym was not her cup her tea. Instead, she consulted a professional at an Austrian detox centre.
“I was eating healthy but still putting on weight, so someone recommended this doctor. I spent a couple of days there getting blood tests done to figure out which food I’m allergic to. What they do there is completely cleanse and reboot your system.
Now I know which foods suit me and which ones are harder to digest (milk, eggs). I plan my meals accordingly. People ask me what I’ve given up eating, and the answer is nothing, I eat everything but I know how to balance it out now,” she said.