Bollywood hottie Parineeti Chopra who was recently in news for having shed a lot of weight is in Mauritius these days for a fashion shoot. But the pictures that the actress has shared on her instagram account talk more of her leisure tales than anything else. The woman is treating her stay in Heritage Resorts, Mauritius as a vacation with her friend and makeup artists Elton J Fernandez.

The two can be seen enjoying the serene locales, their quiet time and buggy rides. Of course, when you are amidst wide expanse of flora and azure of the sea, work becomes play automatically. It won’t be wrong to say that ever since she had shed those extra kilos, Parineeti has become a favourite of fashion brands.

Parineeti was also seen driving a buggy with the makeup artist Elton J Fernandez next to her. The two sure had a gala time while shooting and holidaying in super exotic Heritage Resort, Mauritius.

She had also exclaimed in an interview that being in Bollywood she felt the pressure to look a certain way. However, she took it in her stride and thanked the industry for the same.

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