In society today, people who marry in different regions have to face many difficulties. Not only the people of the society, but also family members do not support such relationships. Yet, a couple not only went against the family wedding in Goa, but also made Wedding Photoshoot. Know what makes the couple …
Faiz is the name of the couple and Ankita. Faiz Muslim Hindu Ankita then. Both MBA from IIM Indore. During this time he fell in love with each other. So he tried to 3 years Knvins their parents, but both parents were against it. He was told that even if you consider that we have the wedding you are dead. But the couple was determined to be with each other. So without telling family members have court marriage.
After a month of court marriage with friends, arrived in Goa
After a month of court marriage the couple arrived in Goa with 60 friends and married according to the Hindu and Muslim traditions. But it was unique compared to other weddings. Indeed, parents are involved in any marriage, but the couple had not invited his parents. It was just their close friends. The wedding ceremony lasted for two days. Rosemary and music ceremony was held on the first day and was married to Muslim customs. The Hindu way along the beach the other day the couple married. Wedding Photoshoot be followed.
Ankita said lasted about an hour laughing and customs Finally after we are married. But the love story is the end too happy. Different family members of our society and culture, said Faiz due were against the marriage, but now they have agreed. This is a victory for our love. Please tell these viral Wedding Photoshoot is quite the photographer clicked Nrlawar is nominated.