The defence lawyer for a 22-year-old accused this week of murdering his parents says the deaths may have occurred a couple of weeks ago before the bodies were found in Ottawa.

Christian Deslauriers made the comment while waiting for Cameron Rogers’s first Ottawa court appearance on Wednesday.

Rogers was arrested Monday night in Montreal after calling police. Montreal police then alerted Ottawa police that something might be wrong at 1614 Apeldoorn Ave.

That same night, Ottawa officers discovered the bodies of former Ottawa Citizen reporter Dave Rogers and his wife, Merrill Gleddie Rogers, in their backyard near a shed. They had been there for some time, investigators believe.

On Tuesday, Cameron Rogers was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and was transferred from Montreal to Ottawa, where the case will be handled.

Deslauriers said he met with his client for about an hour and a half at the Ottawa police station on Tuesday evening.

Deslauriers described Rogers as being “in shock,” and said it’s difficult for clients such as Rogers who have no criminal records to find themselves in custody for the first time.

Deslauriers also said it’s his understanding that the deaths occurred about two weeks ago, and his client did in fact call Montreal police on Monday night. But Deslauriers added he doesn’t yet have confirmation about what was said.