Almost 71% of children in the country use cellphones while over 50% receive pocket money of an average of Rs 555. This has been revealed in a survey conducted by a broadcasting company.

According to the survey conducted by Turner International India, which gathered answers from 6,690 respondents across 29 cities in the country, more than 50% of children in the age group of seven to 14 influence their parents’ spending on consumer durables such as television sets, microwaves and refrigerators.

 Titled ‘The New Generation Research Report 2016’, it brings to light that parents are in the dark about their child’s activity on social media. While one out of four children claim to be active on social media, only one of 10 parents are aware of their child’s presence on it. “We found that a large number of parents use desktop security to monitor usage because they are curious about what the children are doing,” said Rahul Sachdev, director, research, South Asia , Turner International India.
Even as technology is making inroads into the children’s lives, television still remains the most used media device in households with more than 97% of children preferring it over reading the newspaper, a book or even using the Internet.
 On the other hand, while the younger generation may be moving to the visual medium of learning through videos, for instance, 55% of respondent parents encourage their child to read books in print rather than read a digital copy of it on their smart phone, tablet or e-book reader.
The survey has also revealed that the child’s spending power has increased.Around 52% of children between the ages of seven and 14 receive pocket money which is an average of Rs 555 a month.That’s twice as much it was in 2012 when the survey was last conducted.