On the eve of what could be a pair of record-breaking days in southern Ontario a mother and father have been charged with leaving a child unattended in a hot car parked at a Costco parking lot in Markham, Ont. for almost an hour Tuesday evening, the CBC reports.

York Regional Police arrived at the scene around 6 p.m. after being notified by a passerby.

“A witness had basically called 911 reporting that a baby was left in a car and was crying with the windows up in the vehicle,” Const. Laura Nicolle told reporters.

Officers smashed a window to rescue the two-month-old baby. The infant was treated at the scene by paramedics and is said to be in good health.

Police were able to locate the parents about half an hour later.

A parent can be charged for leaving any child under the age of 10 unattended under the Child and Family Services Act. The Children’s Aid Society has been notified.

Never safe to leave a child or pet alone in a hot car

When the temperature is 26 degrees Celsius outside, it can climb to 32 degrees inside a car that’s parked in the shade, and 71 degrees if the car is parked in the sun within minutes.

Officials say there is no acceptable amount of time to leave a child unattended in a hot car, even with the windows down.

Children and pets are at a higher risk of heat-related illness because they are not able to regulate and cool their body temperature as efficiently as an adult.